Saloon Longhorn - Örlycke

At Longhorn Saloon will find exciting activities, adventures, parties and community in a lovely setting near the forest in the middle of the country


It will be a festive experience when you join us combine together your event. The Longhorn Saloon arrange various festivities. It can be birthday, children's parties and other types of celebrations for individuals and businesses. Here is a suggestion of how a party can be organized. You come to us in the afternoon. The group will be divided into teams and give to then go out in the forest, for there for a couple of hours to compete. In the forest tour are paintings deployed which tells of the real cowboy life in the 1850 - s. Then you make your way back to the saloon, where they wait for you the heated grill. The food served at The Saloon in smaller groups. After dinner, you may need to exercise a little, here we go line dancing where everyone can join in a simple manner. The rest of the evening you can take a turn on to the lovely country music, the evening ends midnight onwards.

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