Port Hotel 6 apartments

  • Karlshamn
  • box@porthotel.se
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Apartments in Karlshamn and its vicinity.


Port Hotel has got apartments through the subsidiary Port Hotel Houses & Apartments AB. Currently there are 6 different units for rental.

All accommodation has complete kitchen with seating, internet, TV, living room, toilet, shower and sleeping area.
Parking space included.

Upon arrival, everything is made up and departure cleaning is included, as well as soap, toilet / household paper, dish soap, etc.
A continental breakfast buffet is included at Port Hotel.
No pets or smoking are allowed.

The accommodation has got 2-7 beds.
The apartments are located both in the center as well outside the town (up to 800 m).

Phone number: +46 454-142 20
Email: box@porthotel.se


  • Wireless
  • Parkering

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