Offerlunden in Halahult - Sacrificial grove

  • Karlshamn
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In wonderful surrounding you will find this ancient monument.


Follow the path to discover the Halahult sacrificial grove. Along the path you will pass a fault rock. The bedrock was formed 1,7-2 billion years ago. Movements in the earth crust later made the rock split into two halves. One of the parts sank down leaving a substantial mark in the landscape.

When you reach the sacrificial grove you will see old inscriptions and runes carved on five different stone blocks.
The figures that are engraved in the stones are a human foot, a predator paw, a hand mill with holes, a pair of bowls and more.
There is nothing similar in other parts of Sweden.

See pictures or welcome to visit this special attraction.

The sacrificial grove is situated inside a deer enclosure. The deer are very shy and need peace and quiet to stay healthy. Therefore, please keep close to the marked path and the sacrificial grove in order not to disturb the deer.
Dogs are not allowed inside the enclosure.

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