Holje Ice cream factory

  • Olofström
  • +46 454-70 00 33
  • Skolvägen 3 - 293 95 - Vilshult
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A locally produced italien ice cream, that is just jummy!!!


In the middle of the forest along Lönsbodavägen you will find Holje Ice Cream Factory!
Even though you are in the centre of Vilshult, the ice cream will move you down to southern Italy if you close your eyes. Here lays the factory where the ice cream is made and the small ice cream cafe that has open limited days and times, depending on the season.

Should the craving become too strong after Holje's ice cream and you can not go to Vilshult on an excursion, then you can find it in Öland and around Blekinge. Here one of Olofström's most unique treats is exported.

News and opening hours can be found on their Facebook

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