Christmas market with Blekinge Handicraft

  • Karlshamn
  • +46 454-32 98 92
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Welcome to Blekinge Handicraft in the Cultural Center in Karlshamn.


The Blekinge handicraft and arts and crafts are well known even outside Blekinge's borders. Traditions, craftsmanship and skill have been inherited for generations. A group of craftsmen have joined forces and formed the association Blekinge Slöjd to stimulate each other and help each other to reach out more easily with their craft. In Kulturkvarteret in Karlshamn, they have a small shop where you can buy handicrafts.

Blekinge Slöjds Hantverksbod is open for Christmas with about 20 craftsmen who exhibit and sell their works in a beautifully restored magazine from the beginning of the 19th century.

Organizer: Föreningen Blekinge Slöjd

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