Carlscrona Veteranbåtar (Veteran boats)

Recreational boats and boating are part of our culture. Since the latter part of the 20th century, Sweden's unique fleet of older boats has been drained through sales abroad, many boats have been cut up, burned or rotted away. To save what is left, the Museum Association of Swedish Recreational Boats (MSF) was formed in 1973 - colloquially called the Veteran Boat Association, with several organizations, including the Maritime History Museum, as founders.

In the same spirit, the Carlscrona Veteranbåtar Association was formed in 2002 - colloquially called Carlscrona Veteranbåtar (CVB) - which is a non-profit non-profit association with the aim of preserving, developing and disseminating knowledge about the veteran boat culture.


Open house is arranged during the summer, for private viewing or other time - contact Carlscrona Veteranbåtar

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