Abu Museum in Svängsta

  • Karlshamn
  • Holländarevägen 86 - 376 37 - Svängsta
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Industrial museum in Svängsta.


Visit the museum with the machinery from the 1880th century. 1887 Henning Hammarlund founded "Halda Fickursfabrik" (pocket watch factory/industry ) in the town Svängsta just outside of Karlshamn. The Swedish-made watches were sought after worldwide and were manufactured in the same building until the 1940s. Just over three decades later, the old factory was transformed into one of Sweden's most distinguished industrial museums: the Abu Museum. See how the pocket watches were manufactured and experience the machines from the late 1800s.

Guided tours are pre-booked, see contact details. A smaller cost for the tour.
Opening hours summer 2022:
Week 26-31 Mon-Fri 13-16, Sat 10-13.30 (Pleas observe! Closed July 23:rd)
See link for interesting movie about Abu's history (Youtube).

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