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Sweden Rock

June 8-11, 2022


Sweden Rock Festival in Blekinge, Sweden
Sweden Rock Festival from above.


Sweden Rock Festival is organised in Norje Boke, a small village just outside Sölvesborg in Blekinge. A community with about 800 inhabitants, and during the festival, it turns into 40,000 visitors in circulation during each day. Here, classic rock, metal, blues and hard rock, mixed through 90 different bands performing on five different stages. The festival area is like its small town, with all the facilities you could wish for on-site. It is also what makes Sweden Rock Festival so unique and attracts international audiences. High service, comfort and pleasant together with high-quality rock bands.021

Sweden Rock Festival in Norje, outside Sölvesborg, in Blekinge
Kiss performance 2019.


Sweden Rock Festival in Norje, outside Sölvesborg, in Blekinge
Lot's of stands with food and beverage to choose from.



Travel to

Sweden Rock

To Blekinge, you arrive by air and land at Ronneby Airport. From the airport to Sweden Rock Festival it takes about 36 minutes by car or taxi. If you come by bus or train, it is closest to get to Sölvesborg station. From there, there are regular shuttle buses to the festival at regular intervals. You can also take a ferry to Blekinge, either with DFDS from Lithuania to Karlshamn or with Stena Line from Gdansk to Karlskrona. An excellent itinerary is also via the Öresund Bridge if you come from Denmark or Germany. Otherwise, there is also a ferry, TT-Line, to Trelleborg from Rostock.

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Infopoint & service

If there is anything you wonder about during your stay in Blekinge, there are plenty of Blekinge ambassadors where you can get help. Do you have any questions now or need an urgent tip on where to stay? Contact - Tourist Center in Blekinge




- during the Sweden Rock Festival

All accommodation in Blekinge is a maximum of one hour away. Do not hesitate to book an accommodation alternative outside Norje, where the festival takes place. From your accommodation, you will most efficient come to the festival with transfer buses departing from all over Blekinge. The bus from Sölvesborg takes about 20 minutes and stops just outside the festival entrance. At and around the festival, there are plenty of people in circulation, at least 40,000 per day. The tip is that taxi or bus to and from the festival; it is the fastest and most useful if you do not live very close, of course.

Sweden Rock Festival i Blekinge
Sweden Rock Festival "village".


Since Blekinge is not more than 12 km wide and 4 km high, you need not worry that the festival is too far away. Dare to book accommodation a bit away; sometimes it can even be an advantage as the transfer buses flow through the queues, pick you up and take you home again. Book a comfortable bed, comfort, breakfast buffet and good food so that you are a charge for your next rock day. Book accommodation a few days earlier and take the opportunity to explore Blekinge! Welcome!

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