About Olofström

Olofström is one of Blekinge's 5 municipalities. Find over 200 lakes and in the urban area 3 beautiful streams converge. Also add an exciting mix of industry, culture and wilderness. Volvo has manufactured and designed beautiful cars here for many years, but long before that, there was a living industry and manufacturing thanks to the raw materials forest, stone and water. There are preserved stone museums, distilleries and mills that show a long history. Cultural personalities such as Harry Martinson and the artist Carl Eldh have depicted/described both the nature and the people who worked here, and therefore sometimes the district is called the district of writers.

The wilderness is everything else, the lakes and the forest create the perfect nature experience and the opportunity for outdoor activities. Halen, Blekinge's largest lake, is directly adjacent to Olofströms town and has both canoe rental, accommodation and offers everything you need to start your wilderness life.



Adventourus playgrounds and enchanted forests

In the middle of Olofström you will find a magical playground. “Storleksparken”, is a playground specialized in combining playground with a natural play, here is an exciting magic path, a giant spider net, green areas, lovely swings and great places to enjoy outdoor meals for the whole family. Follow the magic path along the river, perhaps some trolls will appear, hanging in a branch, or behind a tree trunk. Let the imagination rule!

Be king or queen on your birthday!

Book " Kalashuset" (the birthday partyhouse) for your children's party, the colorful pavilion in the middle of the big park is perfect. Here are tables and benches and a throne for the birthday child. Everything is for free, but remember to book Kalashuset before at [email protected] Find more information: https://olofstrom.se/storlekplats.

“Storleksplatsen” has been developed and now you can also visit the "Tappers smakträdgård” (Tapper's Taste Garden), a playful and educational taste garden located by the outdoor gym.

Along Holjeån there is a nice dock with benches that attract both sunbathing and time for an icecream. If you cross the bridge, you can stroll on the river promenade/boardwalk and pass the Aniara Park, which shows a beautiful collection of sculptures by Carl Eldh framed with beautiful flower arrangements. 

If you follow Holjeån a few kilometers you will reach the next park with a long history. Holje Park was formed into a giant facility during the years 1811-1840 by Colonel Dannfelt and his son-in-law Per Juhlin. They created a park- and gardenfacility, which had castle proportions with exotic trees and shrubs. Today it is a large beautiful park with old trees and green surfaces. Here you will find serving in Nebbebodagården, a Hembygds museum (a village museum), in Rättaregården there is a camera and galg musum and a large scene that invites you to wonderful midsummer celebrations and music events. If you like activities, there is also a professional golf course, play areas and opportunity to play tennis and paddle tennis.



Exciting places close to Olofström

-Vilshult, Kyrkhult, Gränum och Jämshög

Kyrkhult has one of the finest village museums I have ever seen. There is also an old spa hotel which now has a circus school, a wood oven bakery you cannot miss and on the way there is Ebbamåla Bruk, with an exciting historical environment.

Vilshult has its own glass factory, Holje glass, but also an outdoor dance-floor and exciting accommodation for rent. On the way up to Vilshult you will pass Harasjömåla Fiskecamp and Brokamåla Gård for a true nature experience.

Jämshög is built around the winding Holjeån. Here is a writer's museum, Boafall's beautiful surroundings

Gränum is a small town with beautiful farms and a historic destillery -in Gränum Bränneri. Worth an extra stop when a guided tour is offered.

Around Olofström you will also find nice bathing places and lovely places to spend a summer day on.

All municipal bathing areas have docks and toilets. Do you want to try the jumping tower, then Halens camping is a must.


hopptorn i Halen

The 5 best bathing places

1. Olofström- Halens Camping & Oredsjön
2. Vilshult- Slagenässjön
3. Kyrkhult- Södersjön
4. Hemsjö- Aborrasjön
5. Gränum- Orlunden


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