Sölvesborgsbron - Brücke

Europas längster Fußgänger- und Radwegbrücke bei 760 Metern


If you are at Ljunga Bay Square and looking out to the water against Sölvesborgs city center is the new bridge in view. It extends majestically through Kaninholmenn away to Havsudden. With its 760 meters, the bridge is a landmark for Sölvesborg and one of Europe's longest pedestrian and cycle bridges. The bridge has a light and colour added in an effective manner. On the bridge there is a widened part where you can take a break, sit down and enjoy the bird life and the beautiful view of the water and the city. But the bridge is more than just an overpass and the link between town and countryside. It is a connection between Sölvesborg and Listerlandet which makes it possible to easily take your bike to some of the area's finest beaches. Likewise, it is an important part of Sölvesborgs environmental efforts by promoting environmentally friendly mode of transport. .

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