Wonderful Blekinge

Saltwater splashes from the archipelago boat and wind in the hair create memories just like all strawberry spots along the way. Industrial design, crafts, tasty award-winning flavours and endless fishing waters. Everyone creates memories, and we want to inspire you to even more. Welcome to our beautiful Blekinge!

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The small landscape is

Blekinge's greatness

In Blekinge, you can experience an archipelago without its like. Along the coastline, you have over 1,000 islands to discover. You can get ashore almost anywhere you want and choose loneliness, and bird song, or together with others wonder if it really was a dragon that flew into the rock wall at Hanö.

On the surface, Blekinge is Sweden's second smallest landscape, and perhaps it is precisely the small scale that makes Blekinge so picturesque and exciting. Being small has its charm, you will notice when you look around the page here. Small microbreweries and wineries, small farm shops, small-scale crafts, small businesses and many other exciting experiences that put their unique character on Blekinge's beautiful landscape.

As a guest in Blekinge, you never have to be idle, unless you choose to just take it easy and enjoy the beautiful nature, either in the archipelago or somewhere up in the wild forests of Olofström.

You can test one of the world's best pike fishing in the Karlskrona archipelago. You can see a boat from inside the Marin Museum or the terrifying galleon figure Gribshunden at Blekinge Museum. See sights at the magnificent Eriksberg, enjoy beautiful jazz tones in Hällevik or be part of the Swedish Rock festival Festival. Or why not book yourself into classic Ronneby Brunn where you get both live performances, and a spa served.

Blekinge is a part of Sweden where the opportunities are almost unlimited. Only your own imagination sets the boundaries.