White water kayaking with Sydsvenska Äventyr

Guided tours and courses in Mörrumsån.


White water kayaking is fun, exciting and gives good exercise. Sydsvenska Äventyr has organized guided tours and courses in Mörrumsån in Blekinge since 2000 and white water kayaking is one of their most attractive arrangements.

Mörrumsån has the best river water in an area of about 600 km and an excellent river for salmon fishing as well. You can combine both experiences during the same day.
Suitable for beginners as well.
Wet suit and all special equipment are included in the tour. Lunch also included.

Book your own tour April-September, or take part in an excursion with predetermined dates, more information and dates can be found via link below.

Customize the activity according to your wishes and abilities. Activity also works during rainy days.

For more information and prices see website.

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