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Follow salmon migration from the sea up to Småland border!


You can not walk in the footsteps of the salmon but you can follow the salmon migration from the sea up to the limit of Småland.
Here you will experience the three steps as Selma Lagerlöf described.
You walk along Mörrumsåns western shore from the sea and the lost city Elleholm up to the small industrial community Ebbe Paint / Hovmansbygd.
It is a Natural and Cultural-historical trail, information signs provide information about the history, culture and nature of the river. Mörrumsån considered Europe's best salmon river but the river valley is also an old industrial region. Here are old industrial history but also the mother, who is not aware trademarks Halda and ABU. You pass both the industrial heritage and modern living industry. But Laxaleden is primarily a great outdoor experience at the river there is an amazing animal and plant life. The trail has some steep and narrow passages, it is not handicap accessible. Laxaledens length from the sea to the bridge at Ebbamåla / Hovmansbygd is 30 km. Restrooms and picnic areas are available along the trail.

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