Visitor center in Ronneby Brunnspark, with exhibitions and activities about Blekinge's nature, environment, cultural landscape, visitor destinations and outdoor life. There is something for all ages!


Naturum's exhibitions reflect Blekinge's nature, environment and cultural history. Here you will find exhibitions about: the Baltic Sea, the Bräkneån valley, Ronneby Brunnspark, invasive alien species, outdoor life, etc.
Here there are aquariums with fish, tadpoles, crayfish, as well as a living bee community.

In the small "lab" you will always find new exciting things directly based on nature.

In the "Bionaturum" you can watch movies.

In the lab there are microscopes and aquariums with fish and small insects.

Squirrel trail
Behind the Director's Villa starts "Ekorrestigen", a white-marked nature trail you can follow the squirrel Kurrekott out into Brunnsskogen and greet some of his friends. The path is 1.3 km long and goes over log and stone.

The Tree Path
In the park there is a self-guiding tree tour that presents 50 different species of trees and shrubs, both common Swedish species and more exotic ones. Inside naturum you can borrow an information booklet and a map to guide you.

"Feed the animals"
Every day at 1 pm there is a guided tour of the exhibitions. Hear you can follow along and learn more about fish, crayfish, tadpoles, invasive alien species and the living bee community.

April: Wednesday-Friday 12-17
Sat-Sunday 10-15
May: weekdays 12-17
Sat-Sunday 10-15
June-August: daily 10-18
September: weekdays 12-17
Sat-Sunday 10-15
October: Sat-Sunday 10-15
November: Sat-Sunday 10-15

Naturum also offers other guided tours as well as a number of excursions and lectures.
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