mörrums round 50km Olofstrom

  • Olofström
  • Brostugevägen 1 - Brostugevägen 1 - Olofström
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Choice to have the way 7km shorter.


Starting at Brocenter. Cycle to Jämshög - turn left before the church and under the viaduct - right on the East Ring Road and immediately left towards Granum. Go straight to the Granum Håkantorp- right on a minor road past the farm to Hava Gränumsdal - left via Korsamo, Brinkamåla, Ruan and dig farm to Mörrums center with Salmon House. Leave Mörrum over the bridge at the church and then double right to the road along Mörrumsån to Forsbackabaden and Elleholm. Immediately after Elleholm can make a detour around one km to bath in the sea before the tour continues on back roads until Svenstorp at E22 Turn left on E22 (watch out for fast traffic) and turn right after about 400 m into the road to Galleryda. Turn left before the railway and then to the right over the railway in Gustav Torp. Then left to Äskemo to Gränumsdal and left to Granum. Straight in the intersection of Granum - left after Gränums distillery - after about 600m sharply to the right of the old road which runs parallel to route 121 - after 2 km on the right onto the paved road to Jämshög and on to Brocenter. If you choose to go the nearest road between Mörrum and Gustav Torp gets lucky 7 km shorter. Attractions Salmon House and Aquarium in Mörrum kronolaxfisket and nature surrounding Mörrumsån, churches Mörrum and Elleholm, Gränums distillery Food Laxerian, the restaurant at the smokehouse, golf restaurant (all in Mörrum) Bad Ask this Elleholm

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