Kungsforsen - Mörrum River

The streaming river offers many magnificent environments.


Enjoy a walk along the Mörrum River and its wonderful scenery. During the spring, summer and fall you can see people go fishing for salmon in the river. In October and November you can see the salmon play and go upstreams.

The fishing premiere takes place in March and it is a family tradition in Mörrum with, among other things, canon salute shooting and exhibitors on site.

Both locals and visitors from far and away come here to fish and to partake of the unique environment offered by the river, to try out the restaurant or to view the aquarium housed next to the exhibition. Here you can meet the mighty salmon without having to wade out into the current of the river, partake of the history that has made Mörrum an Eldorado for angling enthusiasts from around the world.

The salmon fishing in Mörrum has long traditions and has been regal since pre-medieval times. The first written depictions appear as early as the year 1231 in Valdemar the seconds Jordebok (the book of the earth).

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