Kreativum Science Center

Rediscover humanity, nature and technology.


Kreativum is a place for both young and old. Discover and explore the wonders of nature and great inventions of our time. An exciting place for all senses.

Rediscover humanity, nature and technology in this science center for curious people of all ages. The different discovery zones at Kreativum stimulates your curiosity, giving you the chance to try out over 170 different stations.

During the summer, the "Kreapark" is also open, an oasis on the bank of the Mieån river that makes an ideal picnic and play area. If you start getting peckish, a break in the cafe Kreaficum is perfect. Make sure you also visit the Kreaffären, the store selling masses of smart things that you might not find anywhere else.

Welcome to Kreativum - a world full of discoveries!

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