Högarör - Gravesite from the bronze age period

  • Karlshamn
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At Sternö in Carlshamn is the largest burial mound in Blekinge.


Here you can also get a magnificent view out of Hanö bay on a clear day.

During the bronze age period (1500 - 500 b.c), it was custom to bury the dead by covering them with stones and dirt. In the beginning it was customery to bury the dead in a hollow tree.
Towards the end of that age people started to cremate the dead. The ashes were put in an urne and buried in the ground, often with some worktools and jewelery.
"Högarör" is a such a gravesite. It lies 53 m above sea level and offers a fantastic view. The diameter of the pipe in the ground is about 30-40 m, therefore researchers believe that this is the gravesite of a very important person.

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