Hittaut - Orientation for the whole family

  • Karlshamn
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Hittaut is a outdoor activity that fits most people.


Hittaut exists on 55 locations around Sweden. It's a fun activity to exercise and explore new places at the same time.
With help from a map you are going to look for different control stations with a code that you register online.

Checkpoints in different levels are on the map.
Green = easy
Blue = easy/average
Red = average/hard
Black = hard

You find more information on their website.
You can get the map for free here:
Rådhuset Karlshamn
Länsförsäkringar Karlshamn
Tjärö - Blekinge skärgård
Sparbanken i Karlshamn
Stora Coop Karlshamn
Best Western Hotell Karlshamn
Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve
Wellness Studio, Rådhusgatan

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