Bike rental at Outdoor Eriksberg

Experience the wonderful surroundings outside of Eriksberg's wildlife park.


Eriksberg's wildlife park is a nature reserve outside Åryd in Karlshamn and consists of more than 925 hectares, of which 409 hectares of water. The fenced portion is about 900 hectares, which means that Eriksberg is one of northern Europe's largest wildlife reserves.

Rent a bike and experience the wonderful surroundings outside the park during the period 30 March - 1 September. The bikes are stationed by the reception of Outdoor Eriksberg.
Rent a bike for 2-4 hours between:

Full day:

For current prices, please contact Eriksberg.

Also visit the safari park during your stay and see wild animals in their proper environment. Red deer, fallow deer, Père David’s deer, European bison, wild boar and moufflon freely roam around in this unique nature reserve in the archipelago. The tour goes through a fascinating rocky landscape of oak woodlands, dense hornbeam woodlands and knotty conifers. There is a rich bird life here, and one of the world’s largest stocks of the protected red water lily. Drive around with your own car in the area and enjoy the scenery of nature.

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