North tramping through the countryside burner about 50 km, Olofstroem

  • Olofström
  • Brostugevägen 1 - 29341 - Olofström
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Along the way there are various attractions such as gallery, etc.


Starting at Brocenter. Biking on the bike path towards Olofströms center (Ådalsvägen). At the traffic lights - cross East Main Street - Continue on Lower Brogatan-cross the road 116-continue on Övrebrogata and further on the road to Snöfleboda. In Snöfleboda - ride straight towards Burner Countryside. The Burner Countryside - straight towards the plain (northern) .where take a left towards the plain (southern) and Vilshult. In Vilshult turn towards Arkelstorpsvägen over the rail. Take the road to the left along the railway. After Gåsagylet left towards Brokamåla-Halabron- (Fritzatorpet left 2km) - Alltidhult. Boafall-Jämshög-Return Tourist Brocenter. Food Fritzatorpet, Jämshögs Gätgiveri Sights Along the Round are various attractions such as the gallery, bone mill. The village Snöffleboda, diabase crimes in Burner Countryside, Rock Langan in Vilshult, Bagge Boda mill and sawmill. Beautiful lookout on Pale Fire Ingelheim 300 m west of the farm in Boafall. Bad Halen bathing, resting on Blekingeleden at Halens south pole. We travel on gravel and asphalt roads through quite hilly landscape. Map Materials Available at the tourist office

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