World heritage days 2019 - Music days in Blekinge

  • på Blekingesalen - "Kuben" (Gamla Länsstyrelsen)
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At the end of October a new event - Blekinge Music Days will be held. In October 24-27th, Blekinge Music days will be held in Karlskrona and it will be a recurring event that will tour around Blekinge.


Friday 25/10

Panel meeting "A musical life for everyone", Lisa Sand, 11 - 12:30.
Are we using our directed contributions for music effectively in Blekinge?
Location: Blekingesalen, Ronnebygatan 22

Lecture "A new organized knowledge" 14 - 15:30
How the organizer can be developed to further strengthen the strategy "Attractive Blekinge".
Location: Blekingesalen, Ronnebygatan 22

Lecture with Kristian Anttila, 16 - 17
The artist Kristian Anttila gives a lecture regarding how bands and artists are becoming better at booking their own gigs, negotiates with the organizers, booking their own tours, markets themselves effectively and finds partners and financiers.
Location: Konserthusteatern

Concert Wadmans, 18 - 19:30
The Gothenburg group Wadmans presents toned texts by Johan Anders Wadman (1777 - 1837). Together with Wadmans, historian Per Persson the younger will also tell funny and exciting anecdotes about this time.
Location: Sparresalen

Concert Kristian Antilla 20 - 21:30
Kristian Anttila debuted in 2003 and has since released 7 studio albums via everything from the world's largest record label Universal to their own release, had a dozen songs in rotation on P3 ("Smutser", "Magdalena (Life before death)", "Västra Frölunda" and " Say No To Me ”.
Location: Konserthusteatern

Saturday 26/10

Jazzkissekatten, 11 - 12
Family show with young musicians from Jazz in Karlskrona.
Location: Children's Department, City Library

Instrument flee market, 11 - 17
Bring your instruments and any other musical equipment and buy, sell or trade!
Location: Porslinan, Östra Hamngatan 7C

Music in the malls in the center, 11 - 14
Blekinge's arranging associations provide mixed music features at Wachtmeister and Kronan, among others.
Location: Wachtmeister and Kronan

Aesthetic program, 12.00-15.00
Students from the aesthetic program play and sing.
Location: Porslinan

Concert Øresund Triplettes, 18.00-19.30
Öresund Triplettes is a Swedish / Danish vocal jazz trio with influences from the swing and boogie woogie era in the USA. The concerts offer charming and energetic swing jazz in the best close harmony style.
Location: Blekingesalen, Ronnebygatan 22

Concert hip-hop and rock, from 18 - 23.
Energy-charged evening with fat beats and heavy riffs! Listen to various hip hop and rock bands such as Jawone, G.S.F.U., Sebastian Chavez and Conquer Red.
Location: Porslinan, Östra Hamngatan 7c

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