Wämöparken - Car exhibition

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Carlskrona Cruising club organizes a car exhibition in Wämöparken


Car exhibition 2019

Veteran, Enthusiastic, Hobbies and Nostalgia all day
Coffee with bread, hamburger, fried Herring, sausage, and drink for sale. Lottery sales, chocolate wheels, exhibitors and exhibitions etc.
Hours 07.00-09.55 Exhibition vehicles welcome into the park.
The park is open for visitors 11.00.
DJ on stage EMILIO WALTER Staun's own Rock'n Roll star DJ on stage Hamboringen do a show dance about 14.30.

Award ceremony:
The audience's audience's moped
Audience's choice MC
Audience's choice truck
Audience's choice car
Club's choice.

Free entrance. No parking fee Wämöparken 7/9 10.00-15.00
15.00 Exhibition vehicles leave the park, then closing the park.

For questions contact: Carlskrona Cruising Club on In cooperation with our sponsors

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