Hiking and biking in Olofström

Hiking in Swedens most southern wilderness can be just roaming in the woods picking chantarells or trekking the whole of Blekinge, You decide!

By following one of all trails with a backpack you can sleep out in the forest and camp overnight. It can give you close up wildlife encounters and intact nature. If you want to be all alone, this is the place! Hiking trails lead you through deep forests, lakes scenery, tiny villages and farms.

We have picked out the best trails, some good things to know and greetings from one of the local guides in the area. 


Wander into the wild

This area has many marked trails for hiking, but also offers small gravel roads and forest paths that you can explore with your gps navigation. Rent a cabin and take daily hikes, or pack your hiking gear to get the freedom to hike and set camp where ever you like. 

Blekinge trail - Blekingeleden 

Follow the trail ”Blekingeleden” all the way out to the coastline. Blekingeleden is a long distance hiking trail measuring more than 250 km. It starts in the nature reserve of Halen and the section called Boafall is the first of a total of twelve sections. Walking the opposite direction you will pass the lake district, deep forests and the trail will eventually merge into Skåneleden.

Blekingeleden is marked with signs along the way, and the orange colour is supposed to catch your eye and make sure you follow the trail. Along the path there are campgrounds with wind shelters with astonishing views. The project Attractive Hardwood is reconstructing and upgrading the trail to a good standard with signs, shelters, and fire pits.


This place is quite small and easy to get around, but the forest is big. Make sure to always bring extra water!


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Hiking on Wheels

There are a range of different bike trails. The short and easy leveled trails, you can get around on a couple of hours. The longer and more adventurous trails takes you across the landscape giving you a bigger challenge. You decide if you want to take it in a relaxed pace or if your training for a triatlon.

4 great trails, that give you varied nature experiences from the bike saddle.


Ready for a challenge!  Try the 270 kilometer long bicycle route in southern Sweden. It streches from the deep forests of Småland in the north, passing the Blekinge forests, lakes and beautiful beech woods, crossing Mörrum river and the famous salmon fishing center, and getting a glims of the archipelago in Blekinge before you cross border over to Skåne where you bike along to the coast down to Simrishamn.

You can join which ever place you choose along the route!

Trail section Fridafors-Karlshamn offers you a car free route on the rebuilt traintrack

Between Hovmansbygd and Hemsjö, you’ll be biking through the Käringehejan Nature preserve, a wilderness area that features steep slopes that seem to race down to the Mörrum River. If you’re interested in fishing equipment, don’t miss the ABU Museum, one of the finest industrial museums in Sweden, located amidst the natural beauty of Svängsta. ABU still manufactures its exclusive fishing reels here and is an important part of the community.

It was in Karlshamn that Kristina from Duvemåla and her husband, Karl Oskar, the protagonists of the Emigrants quadrilogy by Vilhelm Moberg, went onboard the brig Charlotta. The brig would carry them across the Atlantic to America. The Emigrants Monument in Harbour Park commemorates all those who emigrated from Sweden. With its seaside location, Karlshamn is a popular bathing and holiday destination.

On summer weekends, the archipelago boat goes from Karlshamn on to both Ronneby and Karlskrona, along the coast. During the entire summer, the archipelago boat can take you to the popular islands of Tärnö and Tjärö.

Here you find more information about the whole route and the different sections. Dont forget to download the app before you start peddeling!


Halen Circuit

A medium level and incredibly beautiful bike route on 22 km. The route circuits the lake Halen thru a varied landscape and grounds. Take a break along the road for a snack or a refreshing swim. Start and finnish at the Halen camping.

Red route

7,2 km bike route across the nature reserve of Halen. Suitable for a shorter bike ride with the family. 

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