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The River Mörrumsån is internationally renowned among anglers who go there hoping to catch salmon and sea trout. Since 1941 Mörrums Kronolaxfiske has been an angling destination. The premiere weekend is the most popular weekend among fishing enthusiasts living close by.

Motion picture: Mörrums Kronolaxfiske


Fish and fishing

The angling premiere is on the last of March and during the season you can fish for different kinds of fish, with different levels of difficulty, right up until the late autumn.

The Kings Falls

Next to Kungsforsen (the Kings Falls) is Laxens hus (the Salmon House), which has an angling office, restaurant and an exhibition that takes you through fishing in the River Mörrumsån over the years. You can also find out what it is like to be a salmon and see some of the species that are in the river in a 13-metre aquarium. It also has a fishing tackle shop, selling a large range of items. 


Mörrums Kronolaxfiske

Picture: The Salmon House


The Salmon House

Laxens hus is at the heart of the fishing community in the fishing season. This is where you will hear some of the most incredible fishing stories. It is also the perfect place to see the battle between fish and human at close quarters.  If you want, you can go on a guided tour with one of the experienced people working at Kronolaxfisket. They will help you find the best places for you to catch a fish.


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