The Naval Museum

What is it like to be onboard a real submarine? What does it smell like in a vessel that has conquered the ocean depths? Life on a submarine has been shrouded in the mystery, but now you can experience what it is like at the new exhibition at the Naval Museum in Karlskrona


Picture: The Naval Museum in Karlskrona


HMS Neptun - a real submarine

The submarine in Karlskrona is one of the largest objects inside a museum in Sweden, second only to the Vasa Ship in Stockholm. It is housed in the specially-designed Neptun Hall. You will have the chance to find out all about HMS Neptun, the Swedish submarine that was used in the days of the Cold War.

Onboard you will experience something that only a few people have experienced throughout history - the inside of a real submarine!

Sweden´s first submarine

Although HMS Neptun is the main attraction, you can also have a look at Sweden´s oldest submarine, the "Hajen" from 1904. The Hajen marks the start of 110 years of Swedish submarine history.


Barnens Blekinge, Marinmuseum

Picture. The Naval Museum in Karlskrona



This is much more than just a normal exhibition. At the submarine hall you can see dramatised presentations that explain life onboard - from everyday routines to combat situations, as well as personal stories and exciting events from the 110 year history of the submarine in Sweden. Both children and adults can try out their skills at special learning stations, learn more about the fascinating history of submarines and discover secrets that have been kept hidden for many years.

This is such an exiting exhibition!


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