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A deep secret

HMS Neptun - a submarine for real!

How does it feel to be on a submarine? How does it smell and sound on these rulers in the depths of the ocean? Now you can experience the mythical life of a submarine in an exhibition at the Marinmuseum in Karlskrona. Precisely what she - and her 20 crewmen - did during her mission is still secret.

Precisely what she - and her 20 crewmen - did during her mission is still secret.


Submarine Exhibition

Next to Vasaskeppet in Stockholm, the submarine in Karlskrona is the largest built-in item in Sweden. And she is in the specialized Neptune Hall. The boat that you will get acquainted with is HMS Neptune, the Swedish submarine from the Cold War days. Onboard you will experience something that only a few people have been through throughout history - the inside of a real submarine!

HMS Neptun - a real submarine at the Naval musuem in Karlskrona, Blekinge


Old shark is the oldest

The submarine HMS Neptune is the main attraction in the exhibition, but there is a submarine for the same building, the Shark from 1904. With Hajen, the story of 110 years of Swedish submarine history begins, the red thread of the exhibition. 


This is more than a regular show. The submarine hall offers dramatic views that explain life aboard - from everyday routines to crisp combat and personal stories and exciting events from the 110-year history of the underwater craft. Both kids and adults can try out at various test stations, learn more about submarines fascinating history and take note of what was previously secretive than secret. That's how exciting!

Soviet submarine

- stuck outside Karlskrona

The Naval museum in Blekinge

The morning of October 28, 1984, a pale fisherman rubbed into the eyes. On one side in Karlskrona archipelago is a submarine halfway up. The night before, there has been a terrible noise. People on the islands believe, of course, that it is the Navy as practice. But it is the Soviet submarine U 137 that drives the engines at high speed to get lost. On top of it all, the submarine is loaded with nuclear weapons charges. The following days are going on a diplomatic war between Sweden and the Soviet Union. On November 7, the U137 is released and escorted to international waters.


- restaurant with lunch & ice cream.

When you get hungry you can sit down in the restaurant Skeppsgossen which is in the most beautiful room overlooking the museums outside. Here are lunch and salad buffet with today's dishes. Skeppsgossen also serves its home-made ice cream here and is also award-winning for its taste.

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