Early golf season in Blekinge, southern Sweden

Early start of the season

With beautiful spring days as early as April, the Gulf Coast is heating up. Gone are the chilly days of winter, and now we look forward to beautiful spring evenings on the golf course. Most of the Gulf Coast clubs have already opened their summer courses. Pack the golf bag and hang out with you.

The advantage of playing golf in the south is, of course, the weather and the temperature are favourable in early spring. When the snow is still rooted in Norrland, when Mälardalen hutters and the west coast offers cold, windy days, it is warm and comfortable in Blekinge. The proximity to the Baltic Sea, of ​​course, poses a risk of chilly winds, but in wind shelters behind protective trees, the sun warms well in Blekinge. If you have not already booked a weekend at the golf course, it is time to do so. Or stop early on a warm afternoon and go for a walk at sunset.

Sweden's Gulf Coast is an exciting collaboration between all Blekinge golf courses. From Trummenäs in the east to Sölvesborgs in the west. Eight beautiful golf courses in a varied landscape as long as eight kilometres from the sea. Wherever you live in Blekinge, you never have more than an hour's journey to any of Blekinge's tracks. Proximity, beauty and tranquillity in one and the same county.

Golfspel på sommargreen redan i mars i Blekinge


8 golf clubs

- within 12 miles radius


Sölvesborg Golf Club

The sea-close golf course on the eastern edge of Sölvesborgsviken, midway between Siretorp and Ljungaviken is light in the pine forest which offers good play all year round on a sandy surface. In total, there are 27 holes in Sölvesborg, an 18-hole park course and a 9-hole Pay & Play (short-hole course). New for this year is the extensive investment in holes 11 and 16 that was rebuilt with a water mirror before the green surface. The dam also has a beautiful wooden palisade on the south side of the water level and now you can see the greens from the taps.

- Some believe that the course has become more difficult, but really we have only made the game more strategic and the change is straight through visual, says club manager Kristian Olsson, who hopes that the bet will attract more golfers to Sölvesborg. These are simply two holes that stand out. www.solvesborgsgk.se

Sölvesborgs Golfklubb i Blekinge


Boa Golf Club, Olofström

The park-like golf course parallels to national road 15 just north of Kylinge between Pukavik and Olofström offers a varied landscape far from the city's bustle and noise. Boa is said to be a hilly (well we still talk about Blekinge) challenging course in a beautiful scenic landscape in book and oak forests on Boa Nygård's fields. In total there are 18 holes at Boa where several of the tees are high with excellent views over the course. www.boagk.se


Karlshamns Golf Club

Along the valley of the Mörrum River parallel to the rushing Mörrum River, you will find Blekinge's most extensive golf course, an 18-hole duplicate with two courses, the old and the new, where the new course is open all year round. The old course offers a challenging game for anyone who chooses to play from the yellow or red tee, while the new course is built in two stages with narrower passages, which are ideal for those who want to chance to find their own shortcuts.

- This is undoubtedly Blekinge's best golf course. There are not many places you can find such beautiful greens so early in the spring, says the men from the area, Kjell Sandström, Bengt Wiberg, Tomas Carlsson and Johnny Magnusson as three days a week; basically, every year, play 18 holes in Mörrum. The new course is open for Pay & Play (holes 1-9). www.karlshamnsgk.com

Golfspelare i Karlshamn, fikapaus på banan


Ronneby Golf Club

Next door to Ronneby Brunnspark parallel to Ronnebyån almost as far as the sea, you will find beautiful Ronneby Golf Club. A park-like path in a hilly landscape surrounded by bright, noble deciduous forest. In many places, the old cultivated landscape is known in the form of stone walls and pastures. Also, you can see traces of the inland ice's progress with clear pebbles and U-valleys (a kind of soft valley where the ice has emerged). In the spring, the protected position of the track is optimal even when the wind takes in from the sea. In total there are 18 holes on the course.

- Ronneby Golf Club is a beautiful course in a beautiful landscape in the extension of the good forest, says Lena Persson, who goes on a tour on her own just as the spring sun warms intensively. www.ronnebygk.se


Leråkra Golf Club

Just south of the Björketorpsstenen, a rune stone from the younger Iron Age, midway between Ronneby and Listerby, Leråkra golf club is idyllically situated in the bleaching petty idyll. Here you can stroll through the sunlit countryside of the agricultural landscape and enjoy the warm rays of the sun in early spring. Leråkra is a 12-hole course with a loop for 18 holes. www.lerakragolf.se


Carlskrona Golf Club

The idyllic course at Almö was built in the middle of the fifties and then became the home course for Carlskrona Golf Club, founded as early as 1906 as Sweden's third golf club. Nowadays it is Almö, you cross the island to get to Hasslö, one of Blekinge's most beautiful islands in the innermost archipelago. Do not miss a trip on Almöleden or stroll around the beautiful nature reserve. There are plenty of swimming spots on Almö that ultimately qualify for the final match of Blekinge's most beautiful golf course. The entire island is covered by centuries-old oaks that now account for the biodiversity of the archipelago. In total there are 18 holes on the course. www.carlskronagk.com

Carlskrona Golfklubb i Blekige


Nicklastorp Golf Club

You can find Blekinge's most hilly golf course north of Nättraby just ten minutes outside Karlskrona. The course is a classic forest and park course that offers several signature holes in a rolling landscape where the first nine holes are played inside the wood and then followed by nine holes in more open terrain. www.nigk.se


Trummenäs Golf Club

Blekinge's easternmost golf course is located in Karlskrona's eastern archipelago where you can play golf all year round. Trummenäs is a famous headland with several properties in new production just south of the golf course just west of Möcklö. At Trummenäs there are two courses, an 18-hole course and a 9-hole course with Pay & Play (short hole course). www.trummenasgk.se