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Starting shot

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New start, In the ski track, New Year's resolutions, Energy, Blekinge power, Warming up, Taking the temp on, Winter sports, Healthy food, Break or pulse, Scate, Open-sea swimming-bath, Icecold



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This year´s best New Year´s resolution, target group: Sweden
Experience more, go to more concerts, visit a new place, hiking on the Blekingetrail. Invite you to activate yourself more in Blekinge.
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Outdoor cooking, target group: Sweden
Be sure to spend time in the woods and nature, barbecue, have a winter picknick, go skiing. Where is the best outdoor cooking place in i Blekinge?
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Winter Water Experience, target group: Danmark
With so much water, there is always something to do in Blekinge in the winter. Have you tried winter bathing, open-sea swimming-bath, scating on shiny ice?
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First come, target group: Sweden
Sweden Rock festival, there are not so many tickets left , experience this year´s most power-filled week.
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SneakPeak, target group: Sweden
The magazine is fresh and sharpened with new style and layout for 2019. We just have to give a little preview of how it will look.
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The adventure starts here!, target group: Danmark
Time to start planning the summer's adventure, where to place the caravan this year and how does the travel trip look like. Just as good to book your favorite cottage this year again.
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Take the pulse, target group: Sweden
Art in Blekinge, tips on Art and culture for January/February, Which are this year´s new and fresh exhibitions, artists and exciting projects.

3 coolest outdoortips, target group: Sweden
ARK56, tips on activities and places that have that little extra.

Familyactities, target group: Sweden
Tips på aktiviteter som passar både stora och små.

Blekinge Big bite, target group: Danmark
Fishing premiere, fishing waters and accomodation,+ guidance for the best fishing waters.
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Calendar and events

 2 January: New Year´s Resolutions

 5 January:  Twelfthnight

31 January: Sneak peak Visit Blekinge Magazine



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Nature, Destinations, Food and drinks