Sweden Rock Festival

Are you ready?

- for the year's hottest hard rock festival in 2018?

On June 6-9, the Sweden Rock Festival offers an unrivaled line-up with Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, and Judas Priest.


Hard rock elite

- is in place in Norje, a village outside Sölvesborg.

The entire top layer of famous rock and metal bands take place at the Sweden Rock Festival. In addition to the three groups mentioned above, there is a single cavalry of exciting artists who perform on stage. The mix of classic rock, hard rock, metal, blues and other related genres in a full-featured five-tone program. Could it be better?

Sweden Rock Festival i Sölvesborg, Blekinge


Unique atmosphere

No, it's probably as good as it can be. The festival visitors on site are like one big family. The best part of the festival is that it is clean, tidy, safe and secure.

Sweden Rock Festival i Sölvesborg, Blekinge


Festival by the sea

That it is located right by the sea and offers super service on site is phenomenal. Then it can be fun to know the representation in the audience comes from over 50 countries in the world. In other words, it shows a logistics that is both sustainable and economical.

Sweden Rock Festival i Sölvesborg, Blekinge



- the home town of Sweden Rock Festival.

Maxad information can be found here - Sweden Rock Festival. Book your tickets here - Tickets, Parking & Buscar Bracelet



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Vi håller just nu på med att skapa en After Movie från Sweden Rock Festival 2018, men den kommer senare i sommar och så länge ville vi bjuda på ett litet smakprov. Inte utan att man längtar tillbaka, eller vad säger ni?... Vi vill också passa på att återigen tacka för att ni kom - och för att ni är världens bästa publik! -- We’re working on a longer After Movie from Sweden Rock Festival 2018, but in the meantime, here’s a little taste. Are you already longing for next year? Thank you for coming - and for being the best audience in the world! #swedenrock #swedenrock2018 #srf2018
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Ett enormt stort TACK till alla er fantastiska besökare på Sweden Rock Festival 2018! Ni gjorde det här till en oförglömlig festival! Var nu rädda om er när ni kör/tar er hem, så hoppas vi att vi ses igen nästa år! Ett lika stort tack vill vi rikta till all vår fenomenala personal. Ni är grymma och guld värda! - - THANK YOU everyone, for making this an unforgettable festival! You rock! Foto: HighShot #srf #swedenrock #srf2018 #swedenrock2018
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Judas Priest återvänder till Sweden Rock. Vad tyckte ni? - - Judas Priest back at Sweden Rock! Foto: Stefan Johansson #srf #swedenrock #srf2018 #swedenrock2018
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#Repost @ozzyosbourne with @get_repost ・・・ Thank you and goodnight @SwedenRockFestival! Next stop for #NoMoreTours2 is @DownloadFest on Sunday
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Ännu en vacker solnedgång i Norje. Vilket väder vi har!! ☀️-- Yet another beautiful sunset in Norje. Foto: Josefin Larsson #srf #swedenrock #srf2018 #swedenrock2018
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En historisk dag är snart till ända. Iron Maiden levererade en fantastisk show inför en rekordpublik. Foto: Josefin Larsson