Sveriges Golfkust ligger i Blekinge

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Book your golf trip to Blekinge with lots of play time that gives a nice flow of golf experiences. There are 8 golf courses within a 12-mile radius, and it does not take many minutes to move from one golf course to the other. It gives you a great advantage if you want to broaden your golf experiences, develop as a golfer and have fun.

Sölvesborg Golf club in Blekinge, Sweden

Sölvesborg Golf Club at Sweden golf coast.


The golf courses

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Carlskrona GK

The nature with deciduous forest and the proximity to water gives a beautiful backdrop to all the golf courses that together form the Swedish Gulf Coast. If you start your golf game on the prestigious Carlskrona golf course, you play at Sweden's third oldest golf club that was formed in 1906. Here you can also take the boat and approach the pier on the 18th green. If the weather is not sufficiently game-friendly, then you can enter the swing studio and sharpen the technique using cameras and analysis programs. If you want to work with the close-up game, you can practice in the pit lab.


Trummenäs GK

A beautiful environment, good weather and wind conditions are valuable for your golfing experience. This makes Trummenäs golf club's location unique. Here you can play golf all year round thanks to the golf course's site in Karlskronas eastern archipelago. The mild winter weather gives access to winter golf, although the golf course is more white than green.


Karlshamns GK

Karlshamns Golf Club is Blekinge's most significant with its 36 holes. The golf course is designated as Sweden's most classic for its elegant design, and in the autumn a new clubhouse will be ready with new modern spaces you just can't miss.


Sveriges Golfkust ligger i Blekigne

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Ronneby GK

At the beautiful park course Ronneby GK, which is adjacent to the Brunnsparken you can, while dazzling with your golf game, be enchanted by nature. Rolling paddocks, U-valleys and stone-age graves that are preserved in and near the runway.

Sölvesborgs GK

Sölvesborgs GK lifts female players, and besides golf, you can test paddle tennis and boules. The golf course is located right by Sölvesborgsviken and has been called both "A hidden gem" and a miniature of Barsebäck Golf & Country Club.

Nicklastorps GK

Nicklastorps GK also gives the accustomed golfer a real challenge of smart water hazards, and at Leråkra GK the track is built with the intention that the Bleaching landscape will come into its own.

Boa Olofström GK

At Boa Olofström GK you can get a feeling of being in Denmark - here smørrebröd is served in the restaurant every day mine not enough with it, here you play on an open course with a subtle framing of the holes.

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The airport Ronneby Airport is located in the middle of Blekinge and serves as a perfect hub when you want to get out to the golf courses. Book a rental car to move freely, create a flow and maximize your playing time. Once out on the golf courses, there is free parking. Navigate your way along the Swedish Gulf Coast and click on to the respective golf club here: