Summer theatre - Adam & Eve

Karlskrona music theater performs with this years show of Adam & Eve that will be played on the island Mjölnareholmen, Karlskrona.


"We are going to tell a very true story of a loving couple, for, of course, love is a true reason to be put on stage, so you have to see it, experience it, and almost touch it. Love plays awkwardly and it caresses your cheek. So common, so dangerous! It is said that love is blind. "

Departure Handelshamnen at Aspöfärjan Karlskrona boat departs at 18:00 and 19:00, and the show starts 18:30 and 19:30 respectively.
Ticket price 295Kr ink boat trip Children up to 10 years enters for free.
Tickets available at Karlskrona Tourist Office and, see link below.

Producer Björn Skoglund
Director Joakim Engstrand
Script Magnus Rosen
Scene designer / costume Viktoria Rosen
Technician etc. Gunnar Larsson

Anna Lahmer
Philip Hughes
Jan Fiedler
Linnea Lahte
Henrik Ström

In association with
Visit Karlskrona
Karlskrona municipality
Region Blekinge
Wip AB

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