Street town

Skate, skim, graffiti and action!


The popular area Street Town has previously been located at Skeppsbron in connection with the Archipelago Festival but now moves to "Urban Park".

Street Town is an action sports area with super-ramp, competitions and shows in skate and skimboarding. Visitors can experience and try-on skateboard ramps, skimboard pools, Big-Airbag, graffiti, climbing and other exciting "action activities".

Artists 2019:
- Einár, August 2, Hoglands park
- Imenella, August 2, Hoglands park
- Atomic swing, August 3, Hoglands park
- Bolibompadraken, August 3 10:30 & 13:00, Hoglands park

All activities at Street Town and Urban Park have free entrance.

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