Lunch buffet at Marinmuseum in Blekinge


- Enjoy at home!

Being unlawful on sport does not mean that you have to ski north. It is equally useful to stay at home or to go to Blekinge and enjoy the joy of southern Sweden at home. There are both snow and adventure here. What are you craving to try?


9 tips

- of winter holiday activities in Blekinge

Karlshamns Kallbadhus

Just below Väggabadet along the beautiful promenade between Näsviken and Vägga fishing harbour, you will find the cold bathhouse right at the beach edge. For a hundred kronor per person (children up to 18 years bath free with paying adult) you can swim sauna with cruel views over Pukaviks bay and throw yourself in the cold water as long as it is ice-free. Along the long stretch of coast between Sibbarp outside Malmö to Borgholm on Öland, there is only one cold bathhouse. That in Karlshamn.

Vinterbad på Karlshamns Kallbadhus i Blekinge

Opening hours and prices can be found here -


Naval Museum

Swedish marine history meticulously packaged in a visitor-friendly format on beautiful Stumholmen in the middle of Karlskrona. Here you can eat well (body cakes at restaurant Skeppsgossen), marinate with the children or be impressed by galleon figures in one of the world's finest collections in the Galjonshallen at the bottom of the museum. Don't miss the impressive submarine hall where you can board the submarine Neptune, which played a central role in guarding the Soviet submarine U 137, which supported the Blekinge archipelago in October 1981. Alongside Neptune is the sub "Hajen", Sweden's first submarine that was launched in 1904.

Marinmuseum i Blekinge

Free entrance. You can find opening hours here -



- crafts in a creative environment

Kreativum Science Center at the Strömma area in Karlshamn is a little more than 2000 square meters.  An experience centre with 170 different "try at stations" where children and adults can try to make their own paper, drive a forest machine, blow colossal soap bubbles, track sounds and drive remote-controlled boats in a large indoor pool. In total, there are five different discovery squares with different themes, a pocket and a small shop packed with smart things, lovely toys, books, toys and everything a child scientist might need.

Kreativum Science Center i Karlshamn, Blekinge

Opening hours and prices can be found here -

Read a book

When the weather is cold, and the energy is limited, there is nothing better than deep dive into a book. Fill the teacup all the way up to the shore. Settle in an armchair and stretch reading until the book is finished. If you do not have an excellent place to sit at home, there are cosy libraries around Blekinge where you can go and read without interruption. Don't miss the newly renovated library in Lyckeby (Karlskrona) where you can borrow books, read fairy tales or take part in lovely magazines.

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Steering a camper

Even though camping life is most prevalent during the summer months, some vacation with motorhomes even in the middle of winter. By combining sports holiday activities with lovely nights in mobile homes, you can enjoy the maximum of Blekinge and overnight even where there is no accommodation. Like in the middle of the forest, along the sea or on a motorhome in the centre of town. In Karlskrona, for example, you can stay overnight at Karlskrona Stadsmarina and have the whole of Trossö in front of the windshield.

Vinterutflykt med husbil i Blekinge

Don't miss Dinner at nice restaurant Sjörök right next door. Renting a motorhome: If you do not have your own motorhome, you can rent a motorhome through a dealer and at For example, Motorhomes in Pukavik and Motorhome Expo.

Weekend around

Nothing is as luxurious as going on a weekend at home. Take the train to the neighbouring city and check-in at a hotel in the city centre. If you do not appreciate the hectic environment of the city, there are several exciting alternatives in the countryside that remain open even in the middle of winter. For example, nice Pensionat Järnavik in the middle of Ronneby and Karlshamn, Villa Flora Viola in Ronneby Brunnspark or Hotel Davids Kulle in the middle of central Ronneby.,


Weekend hemomkring
Lister Härads Tingshus i Sölvesborg.


Breakfat outside anywhere

Eating breakfast outdoors is common in the summer, but in the winter, not many people choose to have breakfast outdoors. By preparing a proper lunch bag with good breakfast bread and something warm to drink, dress appropriately and wait for the sun to rise, the sports holiday mornings can also be a pleasant experience in Blekinge. It is hardly warm in February, but still bright - and sunny enough - to enjoy the free breakfast. Sit down in the wind shelter behind a wall, a plank or far into a wall and enjoy the sun's very first warming rays. Don't forget something warm to sit on and an extra thick sweater.

Utefrukost i vinter



Prepared slopes

- nice tracks and frozen water

Pack your backpack with coffee and go out into the woods even in the middle of winter. When the snow is deep, there are excellent ski trails in Ekenäs (Ronneby), suitable slalom slopes in Rödeby and Vånga (just outside Kristianstad) and really lovely ice creams far up north. If you miss long-distance skating, you can do only as well with regular hockey pipes (more substantial to ride). Just remember to never go out on the ice alone and always carry ice cream, lifeline and a dry change of clothes. When both ice and snow are taken, the hiking trails are a good alternative. For example, around Bastasjö, Mörtsjöåsen, Alljungen, Listersjön, Långasjönäs, Halen and Ryssberget.

Feed the birds

- and see the garden come to life

If you have not fed birds before, it is a joyous pleasure to see wildlife move into the garden. Make sure to hang a bird feeder near a bush and replenish it with nutritious bird seeds. If you buy sebum balls, you should avoid cheap variants (those with palm oil) and buy balls without nets (the green plastic nets can cause damage to both birds, dogs and the environment). You get the best exchange if you set up the vending machine outside a window so you can sit indoors and enjoy the birds' dance around the bird table.

Mata fåglarna, som ett vinternöje

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