Winterholiday in Blekinge

– enjoy your homeareas!


Winter holiday doesn´t necessarily mean that you have to head north to go skiing. It is as good to stay in your home area and enjoy Southern Sweden's delight at home. Here you will find both snow and adventure. What do you feel like doing?


10 tips

- on great winterholiday activities


1. Karlshamns open-air swimming-baths.

Just below Väggabadet along the beautiful promenade between Näsviken and Vägga fishing harbor you will find the open-air swimming-baths right on the shore. For SEK 100 per person (children up to 18 years old bathing free with paying adult) you can bathe sauna with a awesome view of the Pukavik bay and jump into the water as long as it is ice-free.

Sportlov i Blekinge med kallbad och skönt bastubad
Icecold water at Karlshamns open-air swimming-baths.

Along the coastline between Sibbarp outside Malmö to Borgholm on Öland, there is only one open-air swimming-bath. The one in Karlshamn.

Sportlov i Blekinge med kallbad och bastubad

Get the feeling of winter bath. Cold under the surface.

Opening hours: Tuesdays 14-21, Wednesdays 8-21, Thursdays 8-17, Fridays 8-19 and Saturdays and Sundays 8-18.                                                                                               

Price: SEK 100 per person (members pay SEK 50). You can pick up a tag within opening hours at Best Western (Jannebergsvägen 2) or Frendo (Ingo - Idrottsvägen 1 at Österport)

2. Marinmuseum, Karlskrona.

Swedish marine history meticulously packaged in a visit friendly format on beautiful Stumholmen in the middle of Karlskrona. Here you can have a nice meal at the restaurant Skeppsgossen. Do maritime activities with the children or be impressed by figurehead in one of the world's finest collections in the Galjonshallen (Figurehead hall) in the center of the museum. Don't miss the cool submarine hall where you can board the submarine Neptun which played a central role as a base support  when the Soviet submarine U 137 ran aground in Blekinge archipelago in October 1981. Alongside Neptun is the submarine Hajen, Sweden's first submarine, which was launched in 1904.

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10:00-16:00, evening opening 10:00-19:00.
Free entrance.
Sportlov i Blekinge på Marinmuseum i Karlskrona
Marinmuseum in Karlskrona.
Sportlov i Blekinge på Marinmuseum i Karlskrona och ubåten HMS Neptun
Exhibitions at Marinmusem.
3. Kreativum – crafts in a creative environment, Karlshamn.

Kreativum Science Center in the Strömma area in Karlshamn (behind Coop) is a 2000 square meters experience center with 170 different "try out stations" where children and adults can try to produce their own paper, drive a forest machine, blow huge soap bubbles, track sounds and drive remote-controlled boats in a large indoor pool. In total, there are five different discoveries with different themes, a café and a small shop packed with clever things, lovely crafts, books, stuffed animals and everything a child scientist might need..

Sportlov i Blekinge på Kreativum Science Center
Make your own paper at Kreativum.

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday at 11-16: 00. During the winterholiday weeks , week 7 (11-17 February) 11: 00-16: 00, week 8 (18-24 February) 10: 00-16: 00 and week 9 (25 February - 3 March) 11: 00-16: 00th


Price: children SEK 125, adults SEK 150. In high season, SEK 10 per person will be added. During this year's winter holiday, Kreativum is investing in a number of programming exercises, for example Programming WeDo 2.0 Monday - Friday 12: 00-13: 30 (you program with Lego robots), Programming Robotics Monday - Friday 10:30 - 11:15 and Programming mBot Monday to Friday between 11: 00-11: 45 and 14: 00-15: 00. In addition, minishower is offered (where you learn exciting experiments that you can do at home (Mon-Fri 11:45 and 15:00) and "Build a flying vehicle" (Mon-Fri 12: 30.14: 30).

4. Blekinge Exotic World, Karlshamn.

Imagine strolling around exciting birds, snakes, monkeys and insects from all over the world without having to travel one meter. Apart from the trip to Karlshamn then. In the Tropikariet at Blekinge Exotic world (next door to Kreativum) there is a more than 500 square meter large viewing area divided into continents. Don't miss out on the newcomer a squirell from Texas who live wall-to-wall with ara parrots,marmosettes, gold tortoises and cotton head tamarins.


Sportlov i Blekinge på Blekinge Exotiska Värld
Lovisa Gustafsson with the araparrot Birdie.

Opening hours: During the sports winter holidays, Blekinge Exotic World is open Monday - Sunday between 11: 00-17: 00.

Price: Children 3-18 years SEK 75, adult SEK 95.



5. Let yourself be enchanted by a book.

When the weather is bad and you´re felling lazy, there is nothing better than beeing enchanted by a book. Fill the teacup right up to the width and settle in an armchair and read as long as you want. If you have no good place to sit at home, there are cozy libraries around Blekinge where you can go and read without interruption. Don't miss the newly renovated library in Lyckeby (Karlskrona) where you can borrow books, read fairy tales or browse in lovely magazines.

Opening hours: Monday 10-19, Tuesday 13-16, Wednesday 10-16, Thursday 10-19 and Friday and Saturday 10.00-13.00.

6. Take a ride with a camper

Although camping life is most popular during the summer months, there are those who spend their vacation in a camper even in the middle of winter. By combining sports holidays activities with lovely nights in campers you can enjoy the maximum of Blekinge and overnight even where there is no accommodation. For example in the middle of the forest, along the sea or in a place in the middle of town. In Karlskrona you can stay overnight at Karlskrona Stadsmarina and have the whole Trossö in front of you.

Price: Parking space with electricity SEK 200 per day and parking space without electricity SEK 180. You pay in the machine at Handelsbanken (Credit Card) and get the code to the service house printed on the ticket. Don't miss out: Dinner at nice restaurant Sjörök right next door.

Rent a camper: If you do not have your own camper you can rent a camper via a retail dealer and at For example, Husbilar in Pukavik and Husvagns Expo.

Sportlov i Blekinge med husbil

With a camper the freedom is indescribable. Espcially in low season.


7. Weekend in your home area.

It´s very luxurious  going on a weekend trip in your home area. Take the train to the neighboring town and check in at a hotel in the center. If you do not appreciate the hectic environment in town, there are several exciting options in the countryside that are open even in the middle of winter. For example nice guest house Järnavik between Ronneby and Karlshamn, Villa Flora Viola in Ronneby Brunnspark or Hotell Davids .

Sportlov i Blekinge med utflykt till grannstaden
A weekend in Sölvesborg can offer lovely architecture, such as Listers Härads Tingshus (courthouse), designed by architect Gunnar Asplund. Check in at Mattias and Angeliqa at Villa Flora Viola in Ronneby.
8. Outdoor breakfast, anywhere
Having your breakfast outdoor is common during the summer, but in the winter there are not as many people choosing to have breakfast in the open air. By preparing a basket or a backpack with nice breakfast bread and something hot to drink, dress properly and wait until the sun goes up, the sports holiday mornings can also be a wonderful experience in Blekinge. It is hardly hot in February, but still bright - and warm enough - to enjoy the outdoor breakfast in the open air.Sit down in protectuin of the wind, for example  against a wall and enjoy the sun's very first warming rays. Don't forget something hot to sit on and an extra thick sweater.
Sportlov i Blekinge med utefrukost i naturen
 Utefrulle i det fria. I trädgården eller mitt ute i skogen.


9. Prepared slopes, nice trails and frozen lakes.
Pack your backpack with coffee and head out into the woods in the middle of winter. When the snow lies deep there are nice ski trails in Ekenäs (Ronneby), good slopes in Rödeby and Vånga (just outside Kristianstad) and really lovely icelakes far up north. If you don´t have long distance skates, regular hockey skates (heavier to ride) are good enough. Remember to never go out alone on the ice and always bring ice nails, lifeline and a bring some extra clothes. When there´s no snow or ice on the lakes, the hiking trails are a good alternative. For example, around Bastasjö, Mörtsjöåsen, Alljungen, Listersjön, Långasjönäs, Halen and Ryssberget
Sportlov i Blekinge med skridskoåkning och snölek
Winter trips as soon as the sun shows up.
10. Feed the birds and see the garden awake.

If you haven´t fed birds before, it is a joyful pleasure to see the wildlife move into the garden. Make sure to hang up a bird feeder near a shrub and fill with nutritious bird seeds. If you buy tallow balls you should avoid cheap varieties (such as palm oil) and buy balls without nets (the green plastic nets can cause damage to both birds, dogs and environment). You'll get the best view you place the bird feeder outside a window so you can sit indoors and enjoy the birds dancing around the bird feeder.

Sportlov i Blekinge med fågelspaning hemmavid
Beautiful Great Tit. The House sparrow feel at home in the garden.