Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge



World class fishing experiences

Although Blekinge is a small landscape, the fishing experiences are of high class. Here you can catch one of the world's most abundant salmon in Mörrumsån. Go for a tailor in the archipelago or go kayaking along the coastal strip. Do you want to try out trolling at sea? Book a guided tour with Sandhamn Marine who has the best guides for fighting with the big salmon. 

In Olofström is Harasjömåla Sportfiskecamp, which has 23 lakes and running water for sports fishing. Here you can land both rainbow and trout. The experience is total with so many lakes within easy reach. If you want to live in modern and well-equipped cabins near, then the tip is to contact Brokamåla Farm.


Salmon & sea trout


Mörrums Kronolaxfiske

On Mörrum's Kronolax fishing there is one of Sweden's leading sports fishing waters for salmon and sea trout fishing. In Laxens Hus there is a sale of fishing licenses, an exhibition and here you can book cliniques, fish guides, and accommodation. Right next door is the Kronolaxen restaurant with a view of the river. The fish is world-class.

Fixa efter lax och havsöring på Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge

Book your fishing experience at Mörrums Kronolaxfiske.





Camp Dragsö Sportfishing

In Karlskrona archipelago, you can book excellent sport fishing packages including both accommodation and boat. The cottages are modern and provide optimal recovery before the next fishing pass. With free Wi-Fi, you can stream Netflix or upload your fishing movies from the day. There is a barbecue area outside each cottage, a private porch and only 30 meters to the boat dock. You park the car next to the cabin. There is a launch if you want to use your boat. There is also a boatyard and parking space for your trailer.

Camp Dragsö Sportfishing is specialized in fishing packages in the "kingdom of pikes" Karlskrona.


Pikestrike Sweden

There is an exciting archipelago in Ronneby where you can kayak or wade silently. All forms of fishing work but perhaps it is most effective with fly fishing. Winter, early spring and late autumn are the best periods, then the water is cold, and you can fish slowly with many long stops at the time of taking the bite.

Kayaking with Pikestrike Sweden in Karlskrona


Blekinge Pike Festival

Blekinge Pike festival is today the single largest pike fish festival in Sweden and probably. An exciting contest in varying natural surroundings with big healthy pike in a rich stock. Have you signed up with your mates?

Fishing with floating line, then you can present an unweighted fly that pulses slowly. That's when a cold pike strikes.




- pike, perch, carp, and crayfish

Eriksberg is an exclusive nature area, protected as a reserve and fenced. Here you can book a fishing package with guide and accommodation at different price levels depending on your wishes. Only catch & release is carried out, and the booking is made directly by Eriksberg. Contact us by email or at phone number +46454564330. 


In the harbor, you can pull a bundle of fish at each throw, but then you need to be in place when the curtain goes. It is in April - May. The best trip is in the ports of the coastal towns or at a bridge between the islands. All you need is a throwing pad with a tackle that is a bit of line with many small hooks and a sink. Then you roll out and let the line sink, then flip it in.



Fishing experiences in Blekinge

Here you will find a varied fishing range, what do you want to fish?

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