Natur och vildmark i Sölvesborg, Blekinge

Nature & wilderness

In the middle of nature

Do you feel like playing golf, cycling, hiking, fishing, swimming, sailing, riding or sunbathing? In Sölvesborg nature is always close regardless of whether you just want to be or activate you. Here it is actually not far to anything beautiful. Most of it is located on a pleasant walking distance or a bike ride away. And if you take the train or picture, you can quickly beat Kreativum in Karlshamn or in the middle of Copenhagen's big city pulse. You will soon be back to the gem in Sölvesborg - nice that the trip is so short!
Here you get tips on beautiful places in nature - Park & Nature in Sölvesborg


Blekinge Nangijala. Have you seen the movie about the Brothers Lionheart? It should have been recorded on Ryssberget's slopes. There are the small villages of Ynde, Ebbalycke and Bjäraryd, which are quite fabulous: preferably in May when the beech forest, the largest in southern Sweden, is dyed light green of newly-cracked leaves and the apple orchards bloom. Here you will find excellent fishing waters in Grundsjön, several beautiful hiking trails and charming little villages and farms.
Below Ryssberget the Vesan lake was in the past. Today the lake is elaborated and transformed into fertile fields. In Gammalstorp, there is a church on what was once an island in Vesan. There was previously a Romanesque church erected in the 12th century. On the other side of the fields is the ancient village of Ysane with its beautiful medieval church, St. Gertrude. Experience the church's beautiful well-preserved lime paintings, signed "Vittskövelmästaren" Nils Håkansson.
If you are a rock lover, chances are that you know Norje. Here, Sweden Rock Festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world for a few days in June. Haven't you been there yet and experienced the atmosphere? Get ready to rock!


All the senses love the Listerland. Fragrances, flavors, sounds and emotions. On the way to Listerlandet, the lungs are filled with country air of the best variety. First with a slight notion of barn and manure, then of asparagus smoke, sea and seaweed. You hear the MAIF audience's cheers, the seagulls 'screams, the fishing boats' soothing throbbing and a jazz band in the August night. Beaches and picturesque fishing villages are like a pearl band along the eight mile coastline of the peninsula. Here it is easy to feel good and good to live! The most beautiful route to get to Hällevik is down the steep hill Haveliden. The view of the sea and the quarry far down there is breathtaking. In Hällevik you can swim, enjoy the range of smokers' and restaurants, the genuine environment, football and jazz .The fishing museum and the Old Fish Day give an insight into how life was lived in the fishing village before.

Listerlandet utanför Sölvesborg i Blekinge
Hälleviks harbour.


A stone's throw away is Nogersund with Kråkenabben, a wind-paved pasture landscape with the properties enclosed by beautiful stone walls. Here are several new hiking trails. In Nogersund you can see many examples of yarn gardens - long-narrow gardens with room to dry spruce. The harbour goes to the dock in Hanö.

Continue your journey towards Hörvik, which is just behind Listers Head, take a dip on the beach and test one of the cosy taverns in the harbour. Hörvik is connected with picturesque Krokås where you find the nature reserve Spragelhall.

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För en stund är det nästan som att vara Tummelisa där inne i rabatten vid stenmuren, med alla rosor omkring sig i olika färger och dofter. Jag skulle vilja krypa in i någon av rosorna och bada i en daggdroppe fylld av rosdoft! Varje år när rosorna blommar är fascinationen lika stor, av hur en sådan vacker blomma kan bli till, och hur doften kan vara så god att man inte kan få nog av den. Att se, känna och dofta på en vacker ros, får mig varje gång att tänka, det här är perfektion. Och många gånger , just av att betrakta en ros fantastiska uppbyggnad, leds tanken vidare till hur det vi är och allt vi har omkring oss ens är möjligt. Antagligen beror allt på att doften är aningen berusande . #park #sölvesborgnaturligtvis #mittsölvesborg #garden #gardener #roses #rosor #slottsmiljö
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Just nu andas allting sommarblommor, och här och var i stan har de börjat planteras ut. Södergatan är full av blommor , och idag planterar vi på Stortorget. På bilden ser ni Slöjsilja, Ammi majus som bland annat finns på Södergatan. #sölvesborgnaturligtvis #park #gardener #mittsölvesborg #sommar #summer #sommarblommor
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Amsonia. En helt fantastisk perenn som är väldigt vacker nere i Fyra Årstiders Park just nu. Innan den slagit ut i blom är stjälken något mörkblå , vilket skapar fin kontrast mot de lansett formade, ljust grön gula bladen. Och de samlade blomknopparna går i samma nyanser. Snart slår den ut i ljusblått! #sölvesborgnaturligtvis #mittsölvesborg #fyraårstiderspark #pietoudolf #perenner #perennials #park #garden #gardener