Snorkeling trail - Dragsö camping

A snorkeling trail is like a hiking trail but
located under water! There are twelve stations in total and
the last four are a bit more difficult to reach because they are positioned in deeper water.


The snorkeling trail is also an underwater quiz with BINGO. If you want to participate you can purchase quiz vouchers at the reception. Great prizes for the winners!
Sea tulips, algae and other small animals thrives on the signs.
Please use the dish-brushes located at each station to clean the signs.

Important to consider!
Never snorkel alone and preferably have someone on land if something happens.
Children should always snorkel with an adult.
In order not to collide with others on the snorkeling trail, please visit
the stations in numerical order.
Don’t snorkel if there is a risk of thunder or if it is too windy.
All snorkeling takes place at your own risk. In case of emergency call 112

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