Smoke BBQ & BAR

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  • Landbron 1B - 371 33 - Karlskrona
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Food influenced by the souther America directly delivered to the south of Sweden!


BBQ is a cooking method where you use indirect heath and smoke to cook the meat during a long time. The name barbque is believed to origin from the word "barbacoa" which in native american language in Carribean means "holy pit of fire". Today we look at BBQ as something that is considered one of the most american things, where each state has their own touch to it.

The menue combines slowly smoked BBQ-classics and amazing sides from the american south with dishes completely based on greens and the ocean. Local ingredients are prefered in all dishes and is used as much as possible. As far as the local oak that is used to smoke the meat inside.

New meat is smoked each day!

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