Skärgårdskraft - Tjurkö

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Art and Craftsman who in the summer has exhibition, sales and handles stonemason museum at Tjurkö, Karlskrona


Skärgårdskraft is an art and craft association that conducts its activities in the Restaurationshuset on Tjurkö in the beautiful archipelago outside Karlskrona in Blekinge.
There are eight rooms in the restoration building where the members' art and crafts are exhibited. In some of the rooms, environments are decorated and built using furniture from Rödeby Antik and their own works. Other rooms may serve as galleries for the members. Different furniture and arts and crafts from year to year make the different rooms constantly change, and no season becomes the other. Everything that is priced in the exhibition is also for sale

Program for summer 2019

June 22 at. 10.30. Vernissage at Skärgårdskraft when we open for the season. Most craftsmen and artists are in place.
July 3 at. 18.30 Mazetti's Scratches - Cousin by and with Catherine Mazetti.
July 21 at Handicraft Day.
10.30 am Vernissage - New guest exhibitor Sara Porle.
Kl. 14.00-18.00 Artists and artisans are in place and show their maturity.
July 23 at. 16.00 Engångsorkestern with Katarina Mazetti & co

After a walk both outside and inside, it tastes good with coffee and home-made cakes from the coffee serving. One can choose to sit outside or inside the large hall. Feel free to pre-register for larger parties.

Opening hours daily at. 10.30 - 18.00

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