Shrimp box on board M/S Gåsefjärden

Join us in Karlskrona's beautiful archipelago and enjoy a wonderful shrimp fever on board M/S Gåsefjärden together with colleagues or loved ones.

The boat departs from Fisktorget at 18:00. The boat is back at Fisktorget at 20:30.


At M/S Gåsefjärden there are only long tables. When booking a table with another party, book your seats by phone + 46 455-783 30.

Fresh frozen shrimp 70/90
Aioli or mayonnaise
2 kinds of cheese
Västerbotten pie
Primary pie
Onion herring
Archipelago herring
Rustic sourdough bread
Coffee Tea
Chocolate bit

Eco-labeled shrimp - The shrimp come from a viable stock and are wild-caught with concern for the marine environment.

Vegetarian / vegan menu:
Vegetarian deli plate with vegetables
Root vegetables
Dipping sauces
Coffee Tea
Chocolate bit

Want a vegetarian or vegan alternative? Choose a vegetarian option when booking your ticket.

If you have allergies, contact Skärgårdstrafiken in connection with you booking your ticket.

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