Show - Mänskligheten - The show about ourselves

Fredrik Lindström's new solo show "Mänskligheten - The show about ourselves" is praised in unison in the media. Now it comes to the Concert Hall Theater in Karlskrona!


The performance about ourselves premiered at Scala in Stockholm at the beginning of 2019. Now Lindström continues with a tour around Sweden.

In "Mänskligheten - The show about ourselves", Fredrik Lindström addresses modern human behavior and uses entertaining statistics, facts, visual aids and witty humor to examine how independent we humans really are. What really governs us? Facts and reason or emotions? And how much can we really blame the "human factor"?

Fredrik Lindström has been awarded a long list of prizes. For example, the Caramel Poetry Scholarship, the Tage Danielsson Prize, Aftonbladet's TV Prize for Best Male TV Personality, the Grand Journalist Prize as "Innovator of the Year" and the Nature & Culture Culture Prize.

The performance will be hold in Swedish.
Duration: About 90 minutes, without a break.
Admission: 19:30
Start time: 20:00

Price: 565 SEK (incl. 40 SEK in service fee)
Wheelchair spaces including companions are booked on 0771-70 70 70
Tickets are sold online at, the link can be found down below.

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