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Karsten Torebjer - Psychic Medium returns to the stage for the very last time with a NEW and frighteningly funny comedy show.


It gets even more fun and even scarier when he for the third and LAST time has to prove that he is a real medium. The bailiff puffs him in the neck and he must soon go underground. But first: a real farewell performance to all Karsten's fans.

Among other things, he will try to get mental contact with your bank account, talk to a Danish deceased relative you did not know you had and make such advanced mindfucks that you will have brainfreeze for the rest of the year. Karsten also brings his three best friends on stage and says himself that this is the best third show he has ever done.

Note! The performance may contain traces of Danish.

"Svinevelkåmmen fö hilvede!"

Admission time: kl. 19:00
Playing time: 80 minutes.

Age limit: 13 years. Not ok for younger.

Wheelchair & Companion Tickets:
Book via the Accessibility Line at: +46776-707777
1 companion is included free of charge on the same ticket.

Tickets are only sold online via, the link is below.
Price: 355 SEK incl. service fee.

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