Restaurang &Vin i Karlshamn, Blekinge

Restaurang &Vin

Taste of Blekinge

- and thereto some wine 

Just on the edge of the harbor pier in central Karlshamn, right where the sea begins and continues all the way to America (yes it is only a couple of hundred meters to the place where you can find the statue of Karl-Oscar and Kristina) Fredrik Berg runs the restaurant & Vin. Have a seat by the sea and enjoy the flavors from Blekinge. Cheeses from Orranäs Gårdsmejeri (Orranäs Farm Dairy), lamb from Riksdagsmannagården and tomatoes from Mörrum. Among others.


Restaurang &Vin i Blekinge

Fredrik Berg runs the restaurant &Vin i Karlshamn together with the family.


With passion

As a restaurant keeper, Fredrik Berg is known far beyond Blekinge's borders. The the family also runs some of the county's best restaurants (Karlshamn), ranging from well-visited Brasseri Fridolf to Gourmet Green and Restaurant & Vin.

We have an ambition to serve local produce and make the farmer's efforts available to those guests who appreciate good food and drink.

We cook with passion and heart and let the staff develop the flavors of the area without the courses being too expensive. A 7-course tasting menu costs, for example, SEK 795 per person, which we think is reasonable, says Fredrik Berg, who was born at Astensmåla farm just south of Olofström where the family still conducts lamb farming.


Restaurang &Vin i Blekinge

Fantastic flavours only a few meters from the shoreline.


Locally produced

It is difficult not to love the location at Restaurant & Wine. The proximity to the sea, the castle on one side, the harbour entrace and the Vägga area on the other. The scents of the sea right on the plate, with traces of the forest's greenery and open fields in one and the same restaurant. The celeriac soup with sweetened leeks and olive oil becomes a soft start to a variety of local flavors from the region, not necessarily only from Blekinge but rather from farmers within a couple of hours drive from Karlshamn. Well-balanced wines are served to every dish, almost exclusively from Italy.


Restaurang &Vin i Blekinge

Food and drinks are followed from entrance to desert. At &Vin you will find everything.

Italian wines

"I lived in Italy for three years and learned to love the Italian wines, especially wines from Tuscany or Castellina in Chianti in the middle of Florence and Siena," says Fredrik Berg who, apart from one year at the vineyard Brancaia, also worked for two years at Azienda Agricola Gagliole and graduated in an Italian sommelier course.


Restaurang &Vin i Karlshamn, Blekinge

Celeriac soup with sooty leeks and olive oil



With a daughter who is a vegetarian, it is fun to taste two parallel servings of one and the same dish. While the daughter gets an Italian Burrata (a kind of cheese ball filled with cream and small pieces of mozzarella), tomato marmalade, roasted almonds and croutons on sourdough bread, the rest of the companion is served roaster liver ("Tuppalever") from Tockafarmmen in Genarp outside Lund served on a roll on Öland wheat, roasted red onion, soured cucumber, pickled mustard seeds and apple cider vinegar. Whichever is the best is impossible to say, anyhow the flavors are lovely. Or as my daughter spontaneously says: "It tastes just like in Italy."


Restaurang &Vin i Blekinge

Delicious dining experiences at Restaurant &Vin all year round. Food by season.


Raising local flavors is now both desirable - and necessary - both in Sweden and in Italy. The craftsmanship (at the pots) is finally on its way back and chefs of all ages are digging deep into the family's  archive in search of old family recipes.

Take, for example, a wild boar ragout in Italy which is served with a delicious Chianti wine, all from hundreds of years of traditions that aim to take advantage of most of the flavors of the earth. Just that arrangement we strive for at Restaurant & Vin.


Restaurang &Vin i Blekinge

Viktor Berg serves Italian wine, carefully balanced for each meal.


It is easy to believe that Restaurant &Vin is an Italian restaurant in Swedish package. It´s not like that at all. Rather, a Swedish tavern where the chefs are absolutely enthralled by Swedish raw products that are grown, bred and fished with soul and heart. Without passionate farmers, fishermen and cheese makers, it is impossible to serve flavors that guests remember long afterwards. The Berg family knows that. It is also the reason why you do not want to leave restaurant &Vin even though it´s starting to get dark outside the panoramic window. Great food, good wines and the best view in the area. Of course you love restaurant &Vin.



Restaurant & Wine is located at the harbor pier - Piren - in Karlshamn. Pirgatan 15, Karlshamn.

GPS: N56 ° 09´48 ”E14 ° 52´00”.

Open Wednesday - Saturday from 17:30. Tel: +46 454 57 20 40.


By Niklas Kämpargård