Hanö gästhamn i Blekinge



- on a mythical island

As a story, Hanö grows up out of the sea outside Sölvesborg. It's not that strange because the island is full of rocks and scales with dragons and giants as part of the main ingredients.


Five characteristics


1. Myths

Look up the Dragon brand. There is an enigmatic waveform mark in the rock wall below Hanö lighthouse. According to several sayings, the mark arose when Hano's fire-sprinkling dragon crashed into the rock the first time the fire was lit. Hanö Lighthouse is one of the brightest lighthouses in the Baltic Sea, with a brightness of about 40 kilometers. Not only that, there are two significant downsides in the field. It is said to be footprints from giants.

2. Historical

During the Napoleonic Wars, Hanö was an English naval base. Sadly, fifteen British lives lost here during this time. They are now buried at the English cemetery on the island.

3. A legend

Did you know that it is said to have been a subterranean treasury where Hanö's lighthouse stands today. It was called the Åbedahallen and was guarded by Åbedagubben. He was a man who protected the treasure in every way possible. For example, he could turn into an extinguishing dragon if required. Either way, it is equally exciting to visit Hanö today. The only thing that stops your experience is your imagination.

4. Tropisk forest

Hanö is celebrated for his peaceful harmony and beauty. Nature is both magnificent and splendid. The southern part of Hanö consists of tropical avenue forest. Here you may encounter some of the many domestic deer that were implanted in the 1950s. From the beginning, they were only five, but today it is uncertain how many they are.

5. A rich birdlife

Go to Hanö in May; then you will hear the great birdsong of the Nightingale. Tordmulen lets you see diving after fish in the sea or hedge the cliffs east of Bönsäcken. Hökspetten Gökyta thrives on Hanö for the vibrant presence of ants that are the favorite species of the species. In the enchanting beech forest you can, with some luck, meet the rare little fly-button "Ficedula parva." It can be difficult to detect but reveals its presence through a series of falling tones at a slow pace.




Have you heard of Bönsäcken? It is a beach trail with millions of water-slatted rocks that extend into the ocean. It changes the shape and appearance of the ocean's storms and wind direction.

Naturfenomenet Bönsäcken på Hanö

The natural phenomenon of Hanö.


Sunbathing on Hanö

Getting in love with Hanö is easy. It thinks all the 40,000 visitors who visit the island annually as well. No matter what weather it is an exciting experience. It may be worth mentioning that Blekinge is one of the sunniest places in Sweden. On Hanö you have spectacular views and a picturesque harbor environment with three nice bathing places: Hamnen, Barnstranden, and Vindhalla.


Travel to Hanö

The ferry M / F Vitaskär operates Nogersund - Hanö all year round. The ferry is handicapped and can accommodate up to 100 passengers. The tickets are bought on board. Via Blekingetrafiken you can see the current timetables for Hanö, prices and a Hanökarta. Directly download the app Travel Planner, then you will have all the travel information available on your smartphone.

Färjan M/S Vitaskär trafikerar Nogersund - Hanö

Enjoy Hanö - it's a magical island!