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Bike & hike

- in Olofström

Get out and follow one of the many hiking trails in Olofström. Experience the tranquillity and the fantastic feeling of being in the middle of nature, close to the animals. Sit down, cook over an open fire and then spend the night under open skies. Enjoy loneliness, or gain strength in each other's company. The trails then take you through the deep forests, the beautiful lakes, past the small villages to interesting sights with lots of culture and history. Welcome to discover Olofström by bicycle or on foot!

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In Olofström there are both short and light trails, but also longer and more adventurous. There are many variations, and the experiences from the bicycle saddle are varied.


3 biking tips

1.  Southeast Bike Trail that stretches from Växjö all the way down to Simrishamn. In total, it is a 27-mile long challenge. Through Olofström the trail goes along the Mörrumsån from Hovmansbygd to Hemjö, which is a preserved industrial landscape from 1850. Please stay at Ebbamåla Mill, which today is entirely intact with machines and tools since its inception. The trail is almost car-free and 80% asphalt-coated, safe and comfortable! Download the app and let it be your guide - Trails of Southern Sweden i App Store eller Google Play


2. Banvallsleden passes through a changing landscape and connects several tourist areas together with two seas. It's unique! The distance between Sölvesborg and Olofström is 29 km in total. It is a stretch that contains beautiful pasture landscapes, sights, bathing opportunities, cultivation landscapes and farm shops. Also, through the author village Jämshög, in the beautiful valley of Holjedalen to Sweden's southernmost wilderness. Read more here - Banvallsleden


3. Halen Route is a moderately challenging but incredibly beautiful bike trail of 22 km. The trail takes you around Halen through a varied landscape with alternating substrates of asphalt and gravel. You can pause for both baths and food along the way, and you always arrive at the destination, where you choose to start.


Downhill & MTB-trails

Do you want to ride MTB in hilly, exciting terrain? Then the tip is to head to the old ski slope Vinterberget. Here is a marked path for mountain biking that goes through narrow roads, woods and passes the ski slope both we start and finish. The downhill trail begins at the top of Winterberg and takes you past high-speed forest, built-up jumps, bridges and technical lots. Bring your helmet and the right bike, then just go for a ride!


hiking Blekingeleden



The Blekinge trail (Blekingeleden)

The Blekinge trail can be followed all the way out to the coast. If you choose to go the other way, further into the lakes in the forest, Blekingeleden passes to Skåneleden. The trail is marked with clear signs and along the road offers many beautiful views and overnight accommodation. There are places for barbecue and shelter if you want to relax for a while or stay the night. Three stages of the Blekinge Trail pass through Olofström; Boafall-Fritzatorpet 13 km, Fritzatorpet-Slagesnäs 11 km and Slagesnäs-Angölsmåla 22 km. 

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More trails for hiking 

Check out the trails around Halen and Pieboda nature reserve. During this year a new trail will be launched taking you around a part of Halen thanks to a new brigde that will connect the two outdoor areas. Dowload the map and you can make your plans.

Link for the map- Halens Fritidsområde



hiking Blekingeleden

More trails for hiking & biking

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