Öl från Blekinge

Beer from Blekinge

Öl gjord i Blekinge


Brygghus 19

Two friends, Dan-Magnus and Magnus, were about to brew beer at home in the kitchen when a friend who is a beerjudge tasted the beer and said that they could start selling the beer. Then they looked at each other and said: Let´s start our own brewery! Two years later, 2013, Karlshamn had it´s own brewery, Brygghus 19 . Dan-Magnus Svensson and Magnus Karlsson are constantly exploring to find new flavors, such as when 300 kilos of raspberries from a grower resulted in 4,500 bottles of raspberry beer. It suited perfectly as a aperetif in a champagne glass.


Beer craft

Beer brewing is a genuine craft where the feeling of how to use and mix the raw materials together with the brewing process itself puts its mark on the taste. The interest has been great for Brygghus 19. Depending on time, the two entrepreneurs try to keep guided tours at the brewery, talk about beer and have tasting.


Öl från Brygghus 19 i Blekinge

Join a guided tour at the brewery & taste the beer at Brygghus 19.


Tips on beer for your meal

1. While you´re preeparing the barbecue in the summer, then it is perfect with an American Pale Ale which with its healthy hops is sufficiently strong when the heat turns on. 

From Brygghus 19: Respons

2. When you´re having a grilled chili glazed pork fillet, then we recommend an India Pale Ale because chili and hops are two flavors that enhance the taste of each other.

From Brygghus 19: Passion

3. When you´re having herring and drink a schnapps at midsummer, then we think it´s perfect with a Czech pilsner which has a pleasant bitter touch and clean flavors.

From Brygghus 19: Smugglarhamnens pilsner

4. When you´re enjoying a chocolate dessert, then Russina Imperial Stout  is best the best choice with its complex flavors from different dark malt varieties. 

From Brygghus 19: Balalaika

5. Swedish Christmas dinner, a goulash soup or goose dinner, definitely requires a dark German Lager of about 7% alcohol content that has a distinct taste of malt and aromatic hops character.

From Brygghus 19: Festbock




Carlskrona Bryggeri

Carlskrona Brewery dates back to 1693. It was the German brewer Philip Hinric Kraan who founded  what became Tyska Bryggaregården (German Brewery Yard). Carl Herman Jephson made "Pilsnern"  a great seller in the 1930s, the son Jeppe did the same with the Jarramasbeer in the 1960s before the last owner Pripps closed the brewery in 1873. Exactly 40 years later Carlskrona Brewery resurrected and it was again a member of the Jephson family who started the business; Göran Jephson. 

We had saved a number of original recipes, original labels and other documents from the middle of the 19th century, says Göran Jephson, third generation brewer.

On May 2, 2013, the old Carlskrona Pilsnern was again brewed and has now been joined by the Dark Lagoon and Jarramasbeer. The malt grain is grown at Trantorps Farm outside Karlskrona, which is owned by Göran Jephson.


Hops from a submarine

Nowadays, there are two beers, produced by Bryggeri Skeppsgossen in Karlskrona. The owner of the brewery wanted to have a strong local character on their beers, and the beer was also brewed with Karlskrona's own water. Sometimes it also requires some ingenuity to get it really local, for example when he produced Neptune as he calls the Submarine's Pale Ale. In other words, a UPA instead of an IPA (Indian Pale Ale).

The hops have passed through the submarine Neptun at Marinmuseum.