Nostalgia day in Wämöparken

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Wednesday 22th May it is time for this year's Nostalgia Day in Wämöparken. During the day you will be able to take part in several different activities in the park.


10.00 Towe Widerberg welcomes you
10.30 Music Owl
11.00 Femtinge theatre
11.45 The meeting points
12.00 Towe Widerberg
13.30 Music Owl
14.00 Femtinge theatre
14.45 The meeting points
15.00 Towe Widerberg

In the park, there is coffee and cake, barbecue sausages and pancakes. There will also be chocolate wheels, tip walks, library tables, market shops, exhibitions and balance tracks.
Parking: Wämöslätten, the entrance from the Old Gateway and at Krutviken. There is also disabled parking.

Free entrance!

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