Theme in May

The colors of Blekinge

Inspiration words:

Colorful personalities, Erik Höglund, Art tour, Tones, Shades, Pastel, Oak forest, Beech forest, Spring colors, Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Black, White Guide, May bonfire, Art in Blekinge, Gold grain, Artists, Colour-guard, Pickled red onion, Furnishing, Karlskrona Pride, Parks & Gardens, Sprouts, Visitor destinations with color.




Planned posts:

Green & Blue, Art Tour in Blekinge, Colorful personality, White Guide


Calendar & Events

 2 May: Art tour in Blekinge

 3 maj: Gardenfair

18 maj: Asparagus Safari



Key words:

Art exhibitions, Colorful Nature, Forest becomes lime green, Food with strong colors, Summer, Spring Feelings