Nicklastorp Golfklubb hostels

  • Karlskrona
  • 0455 - 134 54
  • Nicklastorp Golfklubb - 371 91 - Karlskrona
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On Nicklastorp can you also live comfortabley in our youth hostel that lies 20 m from first tee.


Nicklastorp Golfklubb is located in Blekinge's beautiful nature and has one very well-kept and challenging chute.Total is 3 rooms that hold 4 - 6 persons. It goes also good to reserve the rooms that double rooms. In the house, television rooms and kitchenette are also jointlely. Possibility to breakfast and lunch.
Nicklastorp GK is Karlskrona's most central chute. It is only 5 minutes' car road from centers to first tee. Nicklastorp offers a varied park&forest chute in shade row territory. Banana lies excellently etc. signature holes. The first 9 holes are played to a large extent primarily in the forest, the last 9 play in a more open territory.

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