Musical - Carolines kafferep med 7 sorters kakor

A musical coffee party, where 7 different music genres are presented, inspired by 7 different cookies.


A musical coffee party, where Caroline is the coffee from Brazil. The dip offered is freshly baked cookies from old favorite recipes. As in a real coffee party, there are 7 kinds of cookies served to the coffee. 7 different music genres, inspired by the cookies: "Dröm" cookies, treacle cookies, "bondkaka" cookies, "jitterbuggare" cookies, "strassburgare" cookies, cinnamon cookies and "Finnish sticks". As the crown of the work, a chocolate cigar is served in the form of the bayonet doll Leroy Armstrong.

Price: Adult 250 SEK, with Stage Pass 200 SEK, youth up until 25 years 100 SEK, with Stage Pass 50 SEK
Tickets can be purchased online on Nortic, as well as in the tourist office.

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